Style her outfit with gorgeous VELVET Accessories | Go Velvet!

Style her outfit with gorgeous VELVET Accessories | Go Velvet!

20 colors to pair with her favorite outfits

Add a little something special (Velvet!) to baby and toddler girl hair styles this fall (need hair for this to work!) . Just arrived - our Velvet Bows Hand tied and adhered to a small Pinch clip / ribbon lined alligator clip. Perfect for pigtails or side sweep. This bow comes in 20 colors to choose from.

Pick the color combinations you like best to go with her outfit.  Comes in a pair.  One for the left side and one for the right side on cute Baby Wisp® packaging so you know this is a perfectly giftable set.


  Our Velvet color pick - Yellow Gold

Our pick to match this print dress from carter's is our Velvet Pinch Pair - Yellow Gold.  See the little highlights of yellow in this dress will look great with the bows!


Shown here is an Abstract Dotted Smocked Dress from


Choose from these 20 gorgeous colors to pair perfectly with baby girl's outfit

Shown here are the different colors of our Velvet Pinch Pair bows alligator clips

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