4 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Baby Girl Toddler

4 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Baby Girl Toddler

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and if you're like most parents, you haven't had time to search for the perfect hair bow for your little Valentine. Here are 4 of our shops top choices.

Our Emma bow was one of our most popular hair bows of 2022... and we know why! It can be thrown for such an effortless look. This Valentines Day we bring you the Emma hair bow in the color RED. Such a striking and classic color that adds a pop to any outfit.


Our small snap hair bow clips can elevate any hair look on your baby girl. Especially on days where they are just not having it. Just pop on a clip or side sweep her bangs with one of these tiny cute bows and viola! A put together look. This pretty set gives you a range of pinks and purples. All your essential Valentine colors. 



The lace bow headbands are beautiful! If you like the boho baby girl aesthetic look, this bow is for you. They stand out on their own. Dainty and perfect... a must! 



Our 3pc Pink set is the sweetest gift a toddler can receive! Try so many cute hair styles. Go for a pigtail look or use one clip to style a cute side sweep. You can't go wrong if you have two different hair bow styles AND clips! 


Valentine's Day is quickly approaching so we are giving you 20% off the entire collection now. Snag the best gifts for your little Valentine... maybe your Galentine? You can never go wrong with the prettiest hair bows! Use code: LOVE20 at checkout. 



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