Happy 11th Birthday Baby Wisp® !

Happy 11th Birthday Baby Wisp® !

Baby Wisp® Turns 11

It's incredible to think that my side hustle selling Baby Hair Bows turned into a full fledged woman owned and operated small business! Even more fantastic - I've been able to grow it internationally and sustain it for eleven whole years!  This small shop has been central to my family life and my own sense of identity. 

Being a boss mom is a freedom (and pain at some times!) I'm grateful to have.  I get to take my kids to and from school and be a part of their important events. I have flexible vacations and work schedules so my husband doesn't have to stress out if something comes up in his work day. I also get to stay in tune with what's happening in fashion, technology and the business world!  THANK YOU THANK YOU BABY WISP!!!

baby wisp beneficiaries

My fam jam in Hawaii last year - one of my fave pics!

What makes this small shop special?

I ask myself, when so many businesses fail or falter, how can Baby Wisp keep going into it's 11th year now. I really didn't set plans for past 10 years! Should I be setting plans for my 20th year in business or maybe handing to my daughter/ son? I really don't know! 

The explosive growth on our Etsy shop this past year sums up what I think drives our continued life:

1) The creative work I do in putting together bow sets with colors hot for the season is really spot on! This fall, it was all about nutmeg, pumpkin spice and vintage gold. I quickly sold out of these hot colors.

Thank you from Baby Wisp

2) People want to buy from creators with a story.  I'm lovin how people on instagram chat with me and share their life and comment when I share some of mine! 

3) Baby Wisp® is unique.  When shopping for your little girl or a gift for little girl - Etsy type shoppers want something that's well made, packaged professionally and the reviews are authentic experiences with our product and service. 

baby wisp etsy shop

New Challenges for Small Shops

In the age of monolithic marketplaces, I have to tell you that sales aren't growing as they used to.  Because over half of purchases made in the USA start in the Amazon search bar - I HAVE TO be on Amazon.  If you're a small business selling products - and you are not there - my advice is to GET ON THERE.

There's good to this of course!  I've been 'found' this way by customers who then come to my babywisp.com shop to get more selection and support the shop.  I have sales on Amazon also.

baby wisp amazon shop

But there's also a downside that's really been bugging me lately -  my products, designs, marketing and images are stolen A LOT by unscrupulous vendors.  I try to set aside 1 day out of every month just to submit copyright infringements.  Sad huh?  Ebay -same problem.  The copiers are not shipping from USA companies btw and they are not BABY WISP. :(

In an already busy small business life, I have an extra job policing a marketplaces for pictures stolen from my listing, website, insta or fb.  There's always sneaky new ways these photos are stolen and added or even Brand Name being leveraged.   It's so frustrating to see my products copied shamelessly... and then that copycat product outperforming my original.  Why would customers go for the cheaper copy cat - well duh it's cheaper. lol! 

Knowing What You're Supporting When You Purchase

Purchases based solely on price, ppc budget and fake reviews aren't really something a small shop like mine (living in expensive California) can compete on.   What bugs me just as much is that when I look at the other product offerings of these companies and I see hangers or cell phone holders, I'm like WHAT???? You're selling bows and cell phone holders? How can you be an original creator in a niche market with commitment to your product design?  The answer is - they are not. They are knocking off products.  This "cheaper-faster" mentality is killing the real creators in my humble opinion.

Orginal Baby Wisp Bows

I didn't really think about this til I became a seller (yikes like the high fees sellers pay!) and read some articles on this subject of how small businesses in the USA and Canada are being crushed on many fronts.  Seeing the closure of so many brick shops also saddens me.  Which has spurred change in the way I shop at online marketplaces.  I have taken control back of my consumer dollars even if shipping takes a bit longer and I pay a few extra bucks. :-)

Which leads me to...


You're here because you have similar tastes or views as I do about the type of company and product you want to support- right? Or you just like cute bows! ;)

cute baby wisp bows

  If you're a return customer (44% of my babywisp.com sales every month come from return customers) then you're extra special to me.  I want to thank anyone and everyone that has supported my journey as an entrepreneur, momboss, creator, and brand.  

As my annual treat to our peeps - here is the anniversary pack that is over 20% off- yes $11 off in honor of 11 years in business.  I priced it this way so you could get free shipping and the free gift for both USA and Canada and get a huge variety of accessories. 

Baby Wisp 11th Anniversary

Use this as a sampler pack for Christmas with different types of headbands and clips to try!  There are snap clips, both sizes of wisp clip, new velvet pinch clips and 3 headbands I think will go great with holiday baby and toddler outfits.

baby wisp hair accessories

This offer will be available while supplies last or until Dec 31, 2019 whichever comes first.  Add to Cart>>.

Looking Forward

As my kids will be done school in an hour (as I write this), I'm hustling to get out today's orders, return customer emails/ vmails, take some pictures for my christmas shop and receive my Christmas stock into inventory, I won't get to the outstanding admin junk I always put off HAHA (again) but I am lucky I get to do this.  I'm lucky I get to be here for them, I'm so grateful I learn something new every day and I'm thankful to you for sharing this journey with me.   ~beena



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So proud of you. I read the entire article. Rock on!

Mawuse Golokuma

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