"I thought baby clips were a hazard to my child..."

We get this question- A LOT! Being that our products are- or are made of very small and easy to swallow parts we need to emphasize some important safety points. When it comes to protecting your baby from choking on little pieces you should be aware of what is considered a small part and what you should actually be looking out for. According to the CPSA a small piece is considered: "…any object that fits completely into a specially designed test cylinder 2.25 inches long by 1.25 inches wide that approximates the size of the fully expanded throat of a child under three years old. (See figure). See 16 C.F.R. 1501.4 A small part can be: (1) A whole toy or article. (2) A separate part of a toy, game, or other article. (3) A piece of a toy or article that breaks off during testing that simulates use or abuse by children."  Find out why baby wisp is exempt from the Small Parts Regulation here. aliya-fuschia-lifestyle
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