Just watched Spanx Founder video and feel inspired

I started this blog not just to talk about baby wisp products but to also share the entrepreneurial journey I'm on. I often share articles or videos related to the business growth. I've met a lot of other moms with businesses that want to talk about how to grow our businesses together so why wait for the coffee dates when we can share over our blogs! :) Are you a budding entrepreneur also? Or have dreams to become one? I'm always drawn to entrepreneurs with high energy and positive messages and having watched this video of Spanx founder, Sara Blakely I think you might enjoy it too. http://www.forbes.com/sites/clareoconnor/2012/03/07/undercover-billionaire-sara-blakely-joins-the-rich-list-thanks-to-spanx/ . It's thrilling to hear how she took a great product and idea to new heights. What an elite club of women she has joined, to be recognized in Forbes Billionaire list and also become a household brand. Self-made and 100% privately owned is the other very impressive part of her story. It comes back to the Dragon's Den dilemma doesn't it, is it possible to keep your company to yourself but still take it to "the next level"? I recently saw the question posed on Mally's Bibs Facebook Fanpage as the owners consider auditioning for Dragon's Den in just under a week. Their bibs are already a national favourite as this is a very cool Canadian Mama and her hubby owned company. They currently design and manufacture their products in BC, which is no easy feat, given current market trends and margins. I met them both last year at the One of a Kind show in Toronto and have nothing but pure respect for their accomplishments including global distribution in a competitive market. That's not even mentioning the quality bib that has lasted so long and still looks new - here's the bib I have- so cute isn't it (picture courtesy http://mallybibs.com/item/hippo-leather-bib ): [caption id="attachment_296" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My favourite Mally Bib"]Mally Bibs[/caption] Having only read and watch the video about the Spanx creator and read a few articles, a consistent perception about her has emerged. She appears happy, genuine and high energy plus has personal involvement with her products in the design, marketing and future direction. I find myself appreciative of how she is sharing her positive insights into success. Not once does she talk about things she didn't do or waste time focusing on bad stuff other people do. I think this keeps you positive and ensures that by limiting your negative posts, you can keep yourself moving forward. She has reminded me to try to focus on growth and keep the positive messages flowing. At times, you may be down of course, but what you project should be what you want to be associated with, right? I continue to see that a public brand perception is closely linked to your personal brand image. I want mine to be positive and happy! What kind of brand image do you want to project and how do you take steps to project that? Do you share the good stuff? Do you know of any other great female business owners that have a strong and inspiring brand image- who keep you feeling positive about what you do and what you can potentially accomplish?
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