New Pollyanna Ribbon Bows for Girls!

New Pollyanna Ribbon Bows for Girls!

Introducing our new drop! – POLLYANNA  RIBBON BOWS.

We are happy to present our new hair bow for toddler girls, The Pollyanna ribbon bows - perfect for pigtail hairstyles. 

These are alligator clip bows - a pair can go one for each side of the head or side sweep bangs.  You can decorate ponytails and create so many hairstyles for little girls. Available in 17 different colors that your and little ones will love! In addition to our Fall collection items, it’s a perfect match for the best outfit of your little angels any season!

These new wisp bows will match any outfit, not just our Fall Season items!

So why not have a look at them, and if happy, give them a try?


Toddler Bows Alligator Clip Bows For Girls

You can shop these bows here!

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