Should I Wash My Hair Accessories - Hair Bows Before Use?

Should I Wash My Hair Accessories - Hair Bows Before Use?

Washing Your Bows?

Why Wash Your Baby Bows?

Lately, we've been getting messages asking us whether our hairbows, headbands, and other accessories can be washed prior to use.  The Covid-19 virus is most certainly driving the question as I have never in my 13 years of business had this question pop up so much. 

I am not a medical expert and in no way am I providing medical advice regarding the virus.  The latest CDC guidelines are found here.  I want you to know that there are only two people who are handling your bows in San Diego when they are being picked and packed for shipping out to you.  When you buy from our Etsy Shop and our shop - Thali and Beena (me, the shop owner) are hand picking and hand packing them from our polybagged and tupperwared storage containers.   We are both two-dose fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine against Covid.  We also wash our hands regularly and very often (the printer ink when we grab the packing list and labels make this a must!). 

I can answer the question about washing your hair accessories from a "care of my product" perspective for you... :-)

The answer is simple - NEVER put these accessories in the washing machine!

How To Clean Your Bows After Wear

My advice to you is to spot clean only.  If you have soiled the bow with use, just wet a wash cloth and dab a little soap on it.   I have used dish soap to clean my own daughter's bows after I shoved it in my pocket or purse and it emerges a little ughhhh.  I have also used a little dab of my clothing laundry detergent but neither of these contain bleach.  I would recommend not using the tide stick as it bleached out the color a bit. 

Make quick strokes with a small amount of pressure to spot wipe clean the soilage. 

Never put them in the Washing Machine.

no washing machine for hair bows

Never put them in the sun to dry.

Never immerse hair clips in water.

do not immerse hair bows in water





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