Special Notice

Orders and customer service response times may be delayed this week.

BIG THINGS HAPPENING (Sshhhhh...) - update.

So ... we are almost on the verge of releasing the HUGE, incredibly exciting news that has kept us pumped up like wild Canada goose waddling on the corner of the roof top of Canadian Tire (seriously, they looked really, really excited and happy). With feathers puffed up, almost as puffy as our fancy-frilly tutu's (which officially define the utmost border of puffiniess), we are going through a process which we consider is a very big step for us to improve upon the already awesome Baby Wisp-only customer service we provide.

We Are Moving


As a result, we will be a bit busier (with the waddling back and forth and all) and would like our customers to know before hand that orders may be processed slower than our usual exceptional service. Under general circumstances, it takes 1 ~ 3 business days to ship out orders,
but under these special circumstances it will likely take up to 4 business days to ship out.
So, if you have any urgent orders that need fulfillment, please take note of this special situation. Also, as we will continue to pack and unpack throughout the next few days, our email and phone responses will be slower. Needless to say, we will try to do the best we can and highly appreciate your support and understanding during this time. We will be thanking our customers for their patience with some amazing giveaway opportunities after we resume normal services... Do continue to stay tuned to our website and blog for the REALLY big announcement!
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