Summer Baby Girl Outfits and Summer Hair Accessories

Summer Baby Girl Outfits and Summer Hair Accessories

Summer Style for Baby Girl and Toddler Girl

Covid Summer that will end - don't miss out on your little girl's cute outfits

Many people didn't think covid would keep going and were saving outfits for special outings...guess what?  Covid isn't ending but your baby girl is still growing.  She's going to grow out of those outfits and you're not taking enough photos to document her baby style. Are you? Or Your toddler is running around and you keep putting off dressing her up and taking great photos outside. STOP IT! Just take the photos now!  The only thing you will regret is that you didn't take more photos and you cannot go back in time!!

Here's a cute dress I saw at Bloomingdales.  It pairs so well with our Americana bow in Rosey Mauve and also the colonial rose in Chelsea.  Many of the colors in the COFFEE DATE set will do great!

Summer baby style

Or you can try pairing some of the colors of Cascade

cascade bows by baby wisp

Shop our summer collection now and take those photos!  Tag @babywisp on instagram.  Each photo tag enters you into our monthly draw for a gift certificate to our shop. 


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