My Favorite Baby Hair Clips That Stay In!

Looking for Baby Hair Clips for Fine Hair?

The Baby Wisp® shop is dedicated to infant hair clips which are the best bows for babies with fine, wispy hair. 

You can find the bows on so many different types of materials - the hard part is choosing the color and style you like best.  The easy part is enjoying the looking on of these cute hair bows for babies.  The best clips for super fine hair (almost bald or very fine 0-12M ) are the mini wisp clips.

Whichever you prefer - you can choose several types of materials for your hairbows.  Read the descriptions carefully so you choose the correct bows. 
Generally mini wisp clips fit 0-12M while Small Snap Clips fit about 3 months (with hair) to about 24 months (fine hair only).  More hair Some of our favourites are: