Baby Wisp - the begininng - all over again!

Wow! It's June 2010! I started Baby Wisp in 2008 and created this blog then but then didn't do anything with it.  Seems either I have stepped into the Internet more fully with facebook and twitter that I see I am missing this blogging thing.   I always wondered why people would spend time doing this.  So far, it does feel a bit therapeutic. :) Oh but back to me (common theme if you know me L_O_L), and this blog and the what's happening....We decided as a family to give this Baby Wisp thing a real "go" a couple months back ....that is, no more working on it from 11pm to 4 am like I was and then getting up for work at the office, coming home taking care of the kids, house, start again at 11 pm.  Yes, the sleep deprivation took it's toll. I am ready to do what everyone else told me about "doing something where it doesn't feel like work, something you're passionate about, something you care about developing or sticking with".  This would be it.  I loooooooooove having the freedom to design EVERYTHING about this company.  From the name, to the brand, to the marketing, the colours, the styles, the sales...sure it's a lot of work but I do enjoy it.  It's mine.  I'll be posting my personal experiences developing this business, maybe the people I meet or chat or had adventures with along the way, even some of my new ideas and products that are coming or have been launched and how they are doing. I'd like it stay positive and upbeat but I'm apologizing in advance if I get some rage attacks sometimes hahahaha! I'm only human! talk to you soon beena
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