3 Loot Bag Ideas that Every Little Girl Will Love

piggypaint-nailpolish-glamour-girlJust like adults love their loot bags filled with makeups, lotions, hair accessories, and more, little girls love getting loot, as well. Little girl hair accessories, kid safe nail polish, and other fun gifts are always sure to please. Below are three outstanding loot bag ideas that every little girl is sure to love.

Piggy Paint Nail Polish

There’s no denying that little girls love having their nails painted up just like mom’s and grandma’s, but cautious parents know that babies, especially, like to put everything into their mouths. Traditional nail polish can be a little concerning for this reason, but Piggy Paint nail polish is the perfect solution.

Piggy Paint is water-based and kid safe nail polish that is perfectly non-toxic. It offers up the perfect solution for parents and caregivers who want to give their girls beautiful piggies (or fingernails) without worrying about potentially toxic solvents and chemicals. It comes in a variety of colors, including several shades of pink, green, and even silver, and if you are worried about the harsh chemical smell, fear not. This nail polish has a low odor formulation that won’t make you wrinkle your nose.

Baby Leggings

While there are many different clothing options out there for babies, sometimes caregivers just want to do things a little bit differently. Leggings for baby are fantastic gifts for little girls, and they come in a few different colors to help brighten up any outfit.

Unlike traditional leggings, these fit more like leg warmers, so it is possible to get creative with them. You can use them under a dress so that they resemble full-length leggings, you can pull them up slightly so they have a cropped appearance, or you can scrunch them so they resemble socks. The best part is that your little one can leave her feet exposed for grip while she plays, all while keeping her little legs warm and cozy in style.collectors-pack

Hair Accessories

Little girl hair accessories are always a big hit, and everyone loves receiving them. Sometimes, picking and choosing just the right ones can be a bit difficult, but luckily, there is an answer. For just $10, you can snag five hair accessories for girls such as clips, bows, barrettes, hair ties, or even headbands.

Hair accessories provide an opportunity to dress up, dress down, and show off a little style. You can utilize them to recreate some of your favorite hairstyles from Pinterest or even create new ones of your own! Whether you choose to mix and match your accessories or use them one at a time, they are the perfect addition to any loot bag for your favorite little girl.

Putting together the perfect loot bag doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Choose a few nail polishes, a cute pair of leggings, and some hair accessories, and even add in a few ideas of your own, and you’re sure to have a winning loot bag that everyone will love.

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