3 Cute and Easy Ways to Braid Your Little Girl’s Hair

toddler-ties_1Braids are always perfect for springtime hairstyles, whether you’re going for something casual and functional or you want a dressed-up look. The following three ideas, including recommendations for baby girl hair clips and bows, will help you create adorable braids that are sure to keep your little one comfortable and cute at the same time.

A Single Classic Braid

When you’re in a hurry to get out the door but you still want to give your little girl a perfectly-coifed ‘do, you can never go wrong with the single classic braid. It’s one of the quickest and easiest styles to do, and it is particularly helpful when your little one will be participating in activities that might otherwise result in tangles. Just separate the hair into three sections and cross them over one another, alternating sections as you go.

When you reach the end of the braid, you can simply tie it off with a hair tie, but why stick with something simple when you can use the cute crocheted flowered tie found in the Small Snap Essentials Grosgrain pack? The pretty pink flowers will add another dimension of style to your little one’s hair, and because the pack also comes with two other baby clips for hair – a pink bow and a snap – you can switch them out each day.

French Braids

French braids are much like the classic single braid, but rather than separating all of the hair into three sections at the start, you will continue to add new sections to the braid as you go. This is what gives a French braid its signature look. Start just above your little one’s forehead, and pull one section from the top as well as one section from the two sides. Begin making a traditional braid, but bring in new section of hair from each side with every pass.  lootbags-for-girls1

Big girls tend to really love French braids as they are more sophisticated than the classic braid. What’s more, you can add a big girl bow like the Cheerleader Pinch Clip to really make her feel special. This bow comes in several fun colors, including brights and pastels.

Three Dutch Braids

A Dutch braid is basically an inside-out French braid that you create by moving strands of hair under one another instead of over one another. It can be a little tricky at first, but with some practice, you’ll find yourself Dutch braiding like a pro. If you really want to play around with this particular braid, one idea involves creating three individual Dutch braids side-by-side on top of your little girl’s head, then pulling the ends back into a cute messy bun on the side.

To dress it up even further, be sure to check out the cute trio pack with a green butterfly baby hair bow and two small polka-dot snaps. You can use the snaps on the braids themselves to add a little flair, and pin the bow just at the base of the messy bun. It will definitely draw some attention to all of your hard work, and the beautiful green color is a great way to add a little springtime fun.

Braiding your little girl’s hair is a great way to not only create a beautiful style, but to also prevent tangles and keep it from getting in her way during all of her favorite activities. The three ideas above are some great starting points, but the possibilities are truly endless.

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