5 Easy-to-Do Hairstyles for Your Toddler

Black Tutu and Black Excess Hair ClipFinding practical hairstyles that will work on your toddler daughter need not be a challenge. In fact, here are 5 options that are not only quick and easy to do, but that will make your daughter look as cute and adorable as possible at the same time.

#1 – Traditional Pigtail

This is by far the easiest style to use on most toddler girls. Not only can it be created quickly; it is also known for being extremely cute, especially when the hair is only just long enough to place in pig tails. Start by gathering everything needed, such as a soft brush and a few elastics. Brush your daughter’s hair gently and divide it into sections. Place each section through an elastic and secure it firmly (not too tightly, as it will pull the hair). When the time comes to remove each pigtail, simply break the elastics instead of pulling them out – there will be far fewer tears this way.

#2 – Quick Fringe Braid

If your toddler is not keen on the idea of sitting still for more than a few minutes at a time, but you want to keep her fringe out of her eyes, braiding just her fringe area can help achieve this goal relatively quickly. Once the fringe braid is complete and the end has been secured with elastic, pull it gently towards the back of the head and accent it with accessories like adorable baby hair headbands.

#3 – Parted Pony Tail

This style is extremely quick and easy to pull off in that all you will need is hair elastics and a hair brush. Create a side path by brushing the hair to one side of the head. Once all of the hair has been bunched to the one side, gather it together in your hand and wrap the elastic around it, creating a side pony tail. Once again, ensure that the hair is not being pulled too tightly in the elastic.

Baby Headband Model

#4 – Center Twisted Pigtail

With this hairstyle, you will need two hair elastics and a comb or soft brush. Part your daughter’s hair down the middle, and once this is done, take each section of the hair and give it a few gentle twists round and round before placing it into a pigtail towards the side of her head. Not only will this look incredibly adorable; it will also help keep any wayward hair out of her eyes while she is out and about or playing.

#5 – The Simple Headband Style

When all else fails and your toddler is having nothing to do with sitting still even for a minute, it will probably be a good idea to make use of accessories like baby hair headbands or pretty glitter bows for toddlers to add a girly touch without causing any tears or frustration (for you and her). Simply place a cute headband into her hair to keep it out of her face and use a few glitter bow clips to add a fashionable touch to it.

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