7 Creative Hairstyle Ideas for Baby Girls

Whether your baby girl has a little hair or a lot, there are several ways you can help her look like the princess she is. Baby girl hair bows and baby clips for hair are the perfect accessories, and you can incorporate them into your little one’s look in many different ways.

ponytails#1 – The Tiny Wisp Ponytail

Perhaps the most classic hairstyle for baby girls is the barely-there wisp of a ponytail positioned on the tops of their heads. Although adorable, it is difficult to keep in place. A small elastic will do the trick, but remember to dress it up with one of many baby girl hair bows that match her outfit. This brings the look together.

#2 – Pigtails

Every baby girl looks adorable in pigtails, especially when they still have that fine, downy hair. Try gathering it into two sections just above her ears and securing it with elastics. Then, add two matching baby clips for hair to dress up her style. This one is simple enough for every day, but certainly cute enough for a photo session, too.

#3 – Twists

As your baby’s hair starts to grow, your choices of baby girl hair accessories really opens up. One of the hottest trends right now involves gathering your baby’s hair into neatly divided sections about an inch in width, twisting these sections, and then pinning them with small baby clips for hair. You can do one section at the front of your baby’s head or several – the choice is up to you.

#4 – Headbands

babyheadbandsAlthough headbands are generally the easiest hairstyle in the world to pull off, you can really get creative with all of the headband baby girl accessories available to you today. From wide ribbons that secure fly-away hair to inch-wide bands with huge flowers on the sides, these truly give you an opportunity to be unique.

#5 – Big Bows

Babies and big baby girl hair bows are a classic combination, and you can choose from a variety of bows just to pin in your little one’s hair. If you like classic bows, you can find them in a variety of colors and materials to suit your needs. Of course, you can also purchase flowers, color combinations to suit your favorite sports team, or even the older siblings’ school colors to show support.

#6 – Elastic Braided Pigtails

Elastic braided pigtails are a great hairstyle because while it looks sophisticated, it is actually quite simple. Rather than pulling baby’s hair up into two sections, start at the top of her head and gather smaller sections. Secure each one with an elastic, and then just below, create another section. Make sure to include the hair from the section above, and you will end up with a beautiful braided look. Secure them at the ends with cute baby girl hair accessories.

#7 – Half-Up Pigtails

Half-up pigtails are much like the traditional pigtails described above, but in this case, you will only fit the top third of your baby’s hair into the elastics. Rather than positioning the pigtails toward the side of her head, put them more on top and try to aim the hair back. This works especially well for babies with curly hair, and small baby clips for hair fitted over the elastics will complete the look.

With the right baby girl hair accessories, it is possible to dress up your bundle of joy with all of the latest fashion trends, even if she only has a few wisps of hair. These styles and others are easy to do with a little time and practice.


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