Baby's First Valentine's Day

Every holiday is a big deal when you have a newborn... Valentine's Day should be no exception ! In fact, Valentine's is actually the one holiday when your baby girl should not be mistaken for a little boy. If dressing her in a cute red or pink outfit doesn't scream "It's a girl !" then you always have Baby Wisp to save the day!  If being called a boy doesn't bother you GREAT! There's actually nothing wrong with being called a boy and those who followed our last sale on facebook - know why I mention this! ;) To each his own, I can only speak from personal experience that when I chose to dress my babe in gender specific clothing and my daughter was misidentified - it bothered ME and I know other moms can relate!  So for those who love bows and spice and everything nice....there are endless possibilities to accessorizing an outfit and once you picture your new Valentine with a Baby Wisp bow in her hair you won't be able to resist accessorizing her ! NIC_4095 If you're reading this , it means you've already missed the deadline to have your order to you by Valentine's Day , but we do have some products now on sale at 40% off (or more).  It's a great time to grab those little sequins hearts that will look cute not just on Valentine's day but also perfect for spring and summer outfits.   CLICK HERE to check it out!! Happy Valentine's Day !
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