When Guys Come into the Baby Wisp Shop!

Cutest thing happened today at the shop: Late-20s hipsterish guy (picture the big glasses, beard, hat, skinny jeans, man-bag I think) walks in, looks around a bit, looks totally overwhelmed... so we rescued him to ask what we can help with. "My buddy had a little girl, I heard this is the place to come but I don't know what to get." My heart melts.  1) He's heard of us as a place to come for girly gifts; and 2) he's sweet enough to come look for something unique for his friend.  WOW!   Love this guy!!! We put together a lovely set of bows (mini latch of course!) + tutu in a beautiful box and he's all set. I totally wished I could have made a video as he was so sweet! Now I realize we need some cards in store as that's all he needed to complete the gif.   Whenever a dude comes in, they love us to take care of everything for them! If you know anyone in the GTA looking to wholesale handmade greeting cards for baby showers, new baby girl or birthday girl ....please email info@babywisp.com....we're interested!!! Tutu Pettiskirt
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