Deals on May 1 Facebook deals on may 1[/caption] Did you miss out on our last deals day on facebook a few months ago??  You will want to be on our facebook page tomorrow starting at 9am! We are going to be posting packages you can buy for only $20 for packages worth $60. These are one of a kind items, clearance, discontinued, samples and imperfect items that are perfectly functioning and stylish but available for the quickest person who *we see* as the first to comment to purchase at an amazingly low price.  Final Sale!  Perfect time to scoop up some gifts or try us out for the first time. This is how it works: 1. We post a photo of a package. 2. YOU comment you want it. 3. The first one *we see* has 3 hours to pay for it and we send it off to you!! The winner emails customerservice@babywisp.com for details on how to claim their specific package.

The reason we say *we see* is because the chronological order of replies has sometimes been displayed differently to different users and this alleviates any confusion that we are really picking what is being displayed to us and keeps it fair.

There is a limit of one package per person as some people have quicker phones than others and we want everyone to get a fair shake at these deals!
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