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    knowledge Sharing — Baby & Toddler Gifts

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    Grand Re-opening September 15

    Please join our newsletter so you find out about all our upcoming deals and we'd like to introduce the new fall collection to you.  We will also give you a chance to win (hate chancing? Then there is a guaranteed way to earn the new "All you need for Fall " pack which is a cute sampler of our new pinks and new bows for fall 2016 which we are offering in a fun giveaway contest.  Hope you like the new stuff and the new contest format.

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    Our Baby Flower Crowns- why being sold out of Coral is so awesome.

    Baby Flower Crown Headbands Baby Flower Crown Headbands

    Why does being sold out make me so happy?

    We're sold out of the Coral flower Crown Headbands as of today. It's not the revenue generated from the sales that is making me utterly giddy.

    I should be a tad worried that I cannot fill demand for the flower crowns in Coral this spring and summer, shouldn't I?  We sold out of this hot style and colour before March even hit and I won't be restocking it.  You are probably scratching your head with this, as that doesn't make sense...or so it seems.  They are so popular, you sold out!! Why wouldn't you re-stock it? Make more and ride the wave, you're chiding me as my friend in business.  As my customer, your demand should be driving me to get more in stock...and NOW, right? But, I've made this mistake before. Too many times, in fact.  The times have changed so much since Baby Wisp® first started (2008) , you wouldn't believe how much faster the 'trend' cycles are. You think a bow is a bow is a is pink and pink.  I tell you - it's not true. [caption id="attachment_1258" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Coral Baby Wisp Flower Crown Coral Baby Wisp Flower Crown[/caption] Any retailer can tell you about this problem of inventory and trend cycle.  Just go to any "end of season" sale and you will see prices that you cannot believe. You know for sure. that skirt you just bought for 99 cents, definitely cost several times that to make. But here's the thing - If you don't sell it off at the end of the season, you will never see a dime for it.  Knowing you have such a short window to get your style noticed you have to be already on to the next before you're finished with the first! flower girl hair accessoriesStyles are so fluid, so hard to nail down.  As a designer, you're gambling on the right colour, the size, shape, style, fabric and more often that not - you're either doomed or crowned queen when a 'CELEBRITY' tells the general public what's cool and what's not cool or the celebrity BABY is photographed wearing a certain style.  You can't plan for that the year before when your designs are in production.  It's such crazy concoction of the right ingredients whether your design will be loved.  And when it's loved, it's loved for like a second.  It used to be a minute or two but now it's a second!   So today, I'm celebrating the second of fame we got in our Baby Wisp Kingdom.   Our coral flower crown is loved.  We got it right! Nailed it! woohooo!!!  That's a "good day" at work when you feel your decisions were right. On that note - there are only a handful of aqua left as that will be next to sell hurry before they are gone for good! Click here to shop at our store>>>   baby-flower-crown-aqua baby-flower-crown-fuchsia baby-flower-crown-ivory_v2 baby-flower-crown-light-pink baby-flower-crown-white

    How to Throw Unforgettable Christenings

    NIC_4095To many families, a christening is one of the most important events of a child’s life. It effectively brings a new person into the fold, connecting them to generations of people who have embraced similar ceremonies and religious beliefs. Such an important event usually happens only once in a person’s life, and the christening party that goes along with it can be remembered for years if done right. Here’s the best way to hold an unforgettable christening party.

    Think about Family History

    If you are holding a christening party, there’s a good chance that you, your parents, and probably generations before that may have gone through a similar ritual. Use that history to your advantage and create a celebration that is not only about your child, but about the tradition they are becoming a part of. If you have family heirlooms or christening clothes from previous generations, put those on display. If they are still in good condition and appropriate for the situation, you could even dress your child in them. Just remember that the comfort of the child is also important – the party may take some time, and you will want the guest of honor to remain as comfortable as possible during the whole thing.

    Pick Interesting Hair Accessories and Gifts

    Your child will be the center of attention during the christening party, so you should make sure they look their very best. Part of this will be choosing appropriate attire, but hair accessories are another step, especially for little girls. For example, a beaded butterfly hairband can draw attention and complement virtually any outfit, making the moment even more special. Not only will people at the christening party get the chance to see your child at her very best, but the child will also feel extra special. The hair accessories you choose can serve as a good way to showcase your child’s unique personality and special appearance on this holy day. collectors-pack

    Choose Appropriate Gifts

    Almost every party has gifts, both coming from guests and presented to attendees as a thank you for showing up. You don’t have any control over the gift choices that your guests make, but you can provide excellent gifts and party favors yourself. There are a number of different christening-themed gifts that can complement the color scheme of your party and also provide your guests with some use after the event is over with. One of these gift ideas is the Baby Shower Gift Set, which comes with a baptism theme and provides all the essential bath and hair gels a baby might need. This can serve as a good gift for the baby herself, and it can also be useful as a party favor or prize for a game at the party.

    A christening party is a fun event that can really help tie family and friends together. By following the tips above, you’ll be able to throw a party that people will enjoy and remember for a long time, all without having to worry yourself sick about all the details.

    Your Baby's First Valentine Photoshoot

    valentinesphotoshootsforbabies Valentine's Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than staging your own photoshoot to cherish those memories.  This is a great time to have fun, be creative and take as many adorable photos of your little one as possible. You will need the following:


    You can use the wall or a roll of paper to create your backdrop.


    Try picking up some items at your local craft or party store, such as chalkboards, decor items, banners, etc. You can also use your baby's favourite stuffed animal or toy. Or why not try making your own props?


    The outfit you choose should complement the decor and theme you have chosen. You can also pick a few outfits for your baby to wear, so that you get a variety of pictures. This is the perfect time to dress your baby in the cutest outfit you can find.


    If you have a baby girl, have her wear headbands or hair clips. These hair accessories should match the outfit(s) you have picked out. Try using a variety of different headbands and hair clips to go with the different outfits. If you have a baby boy, then bow ties or ties make an adorable addition. These accessories will definitely up the cute factor of your photo.   After the photoshoot: The photos you have taken make great gifts. Make your photos into cards and send them to your friends and family. Grandparents, especially, will appreciate and love the little keepsake.

    Cute Gift Combinations for Toddlers

    Baby-Summer-Garden-KitKids love gifts of all sorts, but they have an extra sort of love for gifts that work in combination with others. Such gifts allow them to utilize the item in more than one way. They also let the toddler grow into the gift, allowing it to transition with them instead of getting discarded like so many toys. Here are a few cute and useful gift combinations that toddlers will absolutely love.

    Zoochini Organic Training Pants

    One of the biggest hurdles in any toddler’s life is getting through potty training. Zoochini training paints are organic double-sided training pants that allow a child to make the transition from diapers to underwear. The outer layer is designed for comfort and the inner layer consists of double-sided terry. These training pants are 100% organic, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals on your child’s skin and you can rest assured knowing that they are environmentally friendly. Each pair includes cute animals on them that your kids will enjoy. Because they are absorbent, your child won’t get too upset if there’s a small accident. Zoochini is a great way to make your toddler feel like a big kid.

    Princess Party Accessories

    Boys and girls alike enjoy playing dress-up at this age, and the best way to entertain your toddler in this area is to give them lots of brightly colored accessories that they can combine to create an outfit that shows off their creativity and sense of fun. The Princess Party mini latch sequins tuxedo bow sets provide easy bows that can be attached to hair or clothing. Not only are they are a great way to help a child play dress-up, but the process of attaching and removing them can help build motor skills. You can buy assorted colors and let kids mix and match them as much as they want. Additionally, these bows can also fit dolls, allowing your toddler to create a matching style with the toy friends. NIC_4144

    Baby Wisp Gift Pack

    Hair accessories are one of the most common gifts for children of all ages. Toddlers are the perfect age to get hair accessories for because they have moved past the point where they frequently put things in their mouth but haven’t moved on to a point where they aren’t impressed by fun colors and interesting new shapes. The Baby Wisp gift pack provides a variety of different accessories that can worn either on their own or in combination with something else, including bows, flowers, and ribbons. This type of gift is also very helpful for children as they find ways to express their personality. It shows them that they can have fun being unique, which is always important.

    Toddlers can be quite demanding, but they can also get endless fun out of the right gift combinations. Whether you choose clothing, jewelry, toys, or something else, accessorizing gifts and turning them into interesting new combinations is becoming a major goal in many markets. Try some of these combinations and see how your toddler likes them.