Your Baby's First Valentine Photoshoot

valentinesphotoshootsforbabies Valentine's Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than staging your own photoshoot to cherish those memories.  This is a great time to have fun, be creative and take as many adorable photos of your little one as possible. You will need the following:


You can use the wall or a roll of paper to create your backdrop.


Try picking up some items at your local craft or party store, such as chalkboards, decor items, banners, etc. You can also use your baby's favourite stuffed animal or toy. Or why not try making your own props?


The outfit you choose should complement the decor and theme you have chosen. You can also pick a few outfits for your baby to wear, so that you get a variety of pictures. This is the perfect time to dress your baby in the cutest outfit you can find.


If you have a baby girl, have her wear headbands or hair clips. These hair accessories should match the outfit(s) you have picked out. Try using a variety of different headbands and hair clips to go with the different outfits. If you have a baby boy, then bow ties or ties make an adorable addition. These accessories will definitely up the cute factor of your photo.   After the photoshoot: The photos you have taken make great gifts. Make your photos into cards and send them to your friends and family. Grandparents, especially, will appreciate and love the little keepsake.
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