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    knowledge Sharing — Baby Hair Clips

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    Think Your Baby Doesn't Have Enough Hair for a Bow? Think Again!

    Think Your Baby Doesn't Have Enough Hair for a Bow?  Think Again!

    You've been told your baby doesn’t have enough hair for a hair bow - we'll prove them wrong!

    It’s normal that some babies have little to no hair. However, Baby Wisp® Clips actually stay in baby's fine hair. We have a variety of colors and designs of grosgrain bows, fabric bows, satin bows, lace bows and organza fancy bows to fit every newborn’s style!

     She will look adorable and sweet topped with a cute little baby hair bow. 


    Baby Wisp® offers small and simple baby hair bow clips that, are made with sensitive materials for bald babies that actually comb into fine peach fuzz wispy fine hair and stay in! 


    Check out the video that proves how a Baby Wisp bow can stick on a baby’s head with little hair.  This Charlotte Grosgrain Bow is the latest to our mini latch wisp clip collection which is a special barrette that grab onto to that fine hair you thought no clip could grab on to! 


     You will discover how effortless are our newborn hair clips to use.  There are many videos available on our youtube channel showing how to use the clip and even more bald baby girls that show off how amazing these baby clips are.

     Photo of Mom and Baby Courtesy @Toonnyvision

    PLEASE NOTE:  Children under 3 should NEVER be left with hair clips or any hair accessory unsupervised as small parts pose a choking risk if put in mouth. 


    Grand Re-opening September 15

    Please join our newsletter so you find out about all our upcoming deals and we'd like to introduce the new fall collection to you.  We will also give you a chance to win (hate chancing? Then there is a guaranteed way to earn the new "All you need for Fall " pack which is a cute sampler of our new pinks and new bows for fall 2016 which we are offering in a fun giveaway contest.  Hope you like the new stuff and the new contest format.

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    We're OPEN today for the last SATURDAY ever in Toronto, come say hi!

    Baby Wisp is Moving

    Long Branch Fest is on today and we're open!

      I'm just getting ready for the Long Branch Fest which is a festival that is put on by the Long Branch BIA, of which I have been on the Board of Directors for the past two years.  I was the chair of the committee that launched their new logo, website, insta and facebook page and I had to resign my post just two weeks ago as part of the move. :(  I was sad to do this because I didn't get to see what we can do with this hood in the next five years but I will be watching from my new home and looking forward to updates! longbranchbia   This neighborhood has so much to offer, I was proud to help bring some visibility and sense of community to the area. The festivities today will include bouncy castles, facepainting, food specials and buskers entertainment.  Hope you can make it!  Baby Wisp was the only baby boutique in the area and I had tonnes of customers (lots of new families here) come regularly to visit and chat.  I will miss having this store but I hope to see many of you TODAY!!!!  My kids will be outside with their lemonade stand as we are showing the ropes about running a business.   They spent their allowance on the supplies.  Yup, $30 in lemons and cups!!!! hahaha!!!  So, please help them break even at least. :)   From 12-6 TODAY our customers can come grab all deals that we are launching for the next 6 weeks at once (as we shut down operations in Toronto).  Deal 2 are some crazy $5 deals here, 25% off piggy paint, and a newly updated clearance section. Shop online at Baby Wisp

    3 Cute Christmas Costume Ideas for Little Girls

    #1 – A Christmas Elf

    Elves are some of the cutest creatures ever imagined, and if your daughter is a fan of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, then she also knows that they make all of the toys. She will definitely love dressing up as an elf this Christmas. Try red-and-white striped leggings, black Mary Janes, and a pretty Kelly green dress. You can find pointy ears in most costume shops to finish the look, and don’t forget the super rosy cheeks that give elves their glow.

    As for her hair, you can leave it down underneath the pointy green hat that elves always wear. To brighten up her ‘do ad add a bit more detail, you can top it all off with some adorable Santa's Elves hair clips with their red ribbed clip, green bow, and pearl accent.

    #2 – An Angel

    What little girl wouldn’t love to dress up as an angel? This costume is relatively simple to put together at home. Choose a beautiful white dress, and then fabricate a halo out of decorative pipe cleaners. You can find angel wings in costumes and little girls’ toys sections of department stores all year round, and they come in a variety of colors, too. Pair all of this up with thick white tights for warmth and some cute white shoes, and your angel is complete!

    Her hair should tie in with the rest of her outfit, and angels are known for their long, flowing hair. Add a Glitter Velvet Tuxedo bow to the look, and she has a sparkle to match her halo and wings! The bow clips securely to even very fine hair, so it is the perfect addition to an angel costume for a little girl of any age.

    #3 – A Christmas Tree

    Dressing up like a Christmas tree is a lot of fun for little girls. Not only do they get to wear a tree-shaped outfit, but they also get to decorate themselves with all of their favorite ornaments. Foam cutouts make the perfect starting point, and they are especially nice because they provide a firm foundation for the ornaments. Paired with green from head to toe, with the exception of some red shoes, it’s every little girl’s dream come true.

    Her hair should complement her outfit, and the Tuxedo Fancy Bows in the Party Time pack can certainly help. It comes with three bows in red, green, and white, and they go perfectly with her outfit with a bit of whimsical flair.

    No matter what your little girl wants to wear this Christmas, remember to accentuate her hairstyle with a variety of hair accessories. These little clips are incredibly versatile, so your little one can wear them all year long, too.

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    Happy 7th Birthday Baby Wisp! Time for 7 days of deals!

    Happy 7th Birthday Baby Wisp!  Time for 7 days of deals!

    Happy 7th Birthday to Us!Baby Wisp Birthday We're lucky number 7![/caption] Seven years in a small business in such a competitive landscape is certainly something to celebrate.  So here we are - celebrating. Please join our newsletter for your 1000 bonus loyalty points >here< then start shopping our 77 cent deals that end in 7 days! Here's the details of our celebrations that you won't want to miss:

    • Our Birthday Sale is running October 16-22, 2015.
    • During this time, we have a BIRTHDAY SALE section set up in our shop which showcases some specials we have put together for you at varying prices of $0.77, $1.77, $2.77 and so on where you can find products at upto 80% off!
    • We are also featuring a Baby Wisp Collector's pack that you can purchase at 50% off in these 7 days only!  7 items that include various latch clips, pinch clips, and headbands ranging in ages from newborn to 3 years!  If you have ever wanted to sample our different types of accessories at a discount - now is your chance.                                                                                                                                                                                        collectors-pack
    • The free gift is now the GREEN trendy twist mini latch clip which you will love for the upcoming holiday season.  The trendy twist has been our best selling style in mini latch clip now for the past 3 months.                                                                                                                                                       TRENDY-TWIST-GREEN
    • Another big announcement is that the weekly shipout we started last year has successfully worked! We've been able to reduce our costs and now bring this saving directly to our customers with a new reduced shipping rate of only $4.95!
    • Finally, we're giving away "loot", it is a party after all!  Seven days of giveaways begin October 16.  You can enter every single one if you'd like (WHY wouldn't you, that's 7 chances of winning!), every day on instagram we will post a new one for you to enter.  On October 23 we will announce the 7 winners, each winning a prize.  Follow us on instagram and start LIKEing the giveaway posts as that's all you have to do to enter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                insta-ad-7-days-of-giveaway
      Note from Beena (owner) In reflection over the past 7 years, it's hard to believe.  In 2008, I was selling my handmade bows and ribbon clips at an Edmonton Farmer's market and now here I am, sitting in my own office in Toronto with employees and a warehouse full of baby and toddler accessories that are now distributed all across Canada and now entering the USA and Mexican markets.  I couldn't be happier as owning my own business allows me the freedom to drop off my kids to school, and pick them up and take them to all their lessons.  It's a different motivation than I had 7 years ago.  Sure, I have to work at night after they are gone to bed and on weekends sometimes but the flexibility is any working mom's dream and I wouldn't trade it in right now.  I get to have fun designing the upcoming seasons colour palettes and bows and all the creative that goes into bringing it to market.  It's been such a fun ride, I just know this year is lucky.  It's lucky number 7 afterall, and I'm excited to see what's in store for Baby Wisp in 2016. Thank you to all the customers, moms, dads, friends and family that have supported us in this company.  We obviously couldn't keep growing like we have without your support.   Please reach out to us anytime you have feedback, comments or style wishlists!   Sincerely, Beena