Think Your Baby Doesn't Have Enough Hair for a Bow?  Think Again!

Think Your Baby Doesn't Have Enough Hair for a Bow? Think Again!

You've been told your baby doesn’t have enough hair for a hair bow - we'll prove them wrong!

It’s normal that some babies have little to no hair. However, Baby Wisp® Clips actually stay in baby's fine hair. We have a variety of colors and designs of grosgrain bows, fabric bows, satin bows, lace bows and organza fancy bows to fit every newborn’s style!

 She will look adorable and sweet topped with a cute little baby hair bow. 


Baby Wisp® offers small and simple baby hair bow clips that, are made with sensitive materials for bald babies that actually comb into fine peach fuzz wispy fine hair and stay in! 


Check out the video that proves how a Baby Wisp bow can stick on a baby’s head with little hair.  This Charlotte Grosgrain Bow is the latest to our mini latch wisp clip collection which is a special barrette that grab onto to that fine hair you thought no clip could grab on to! 


 You will discover how effortless are our newborn hair clips to use.  There are many videos available on our youtube channel showing how to use the clip and even more bald baby girls that show off how amazing these baby clips are.

 Photo of Mom and Baby Courtesy @Toonnyvision

PLEASE NOTE:  Children under 3 should NEVER be left with hair clips or any hair accessory unsupervised as small parts pose a choking risk if put in mouth. 


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