First Halloween? Time to get a Tutu!

Why TUTUs are a great piece to add to her wardrobe !

Need Halloween ideas that aren't "off the shelf"?  Create your own look with a tutu pettiskirt.  Currently 50% Off, you can pick up a white or black tutu that has use well before and beyond halloween.  


Check out our baby witch idea!!

-black tutu

- add a bit of sparkle with our Round Glitter on a Gator clip around baby girls waist

- add Whimsical Witch Hat

-add Black Feather Boa.


Voila! You have a fantastic halloween outfit AND some great dress up pieces to enjoy at play time year round.

Your Baby Girl will look ADORABLE this halloween and all you need is a tutu and some imagination!

click here for the full article and to enjoy our featured tutus at 50% off for a limited time!

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