WOW! Baby Wisp turns 5!

For those who have never heard the story, Baby Wisp is a business created while I was on maternity leave (after having my daughter) and has continued to grow into a full fledged operation supporting the economy with full time part time and contract staff not to mention other Canadian businesses I work with on a weekly basis like my bookkeeper, data entry clerk, printer, internet marketing consultant, web developer, graphic designer and other services like our accountant, laboratories for testing our products, courier services, Canada post, (don't forget all the trades we used when setting up the shop!!!) and all the privately owned shops we buy our equipment and supplies from here and around the world. It's turned into a bigger operation than I thought way back when. I can't believe that I will be celebrating 5 years of business on October 16th, 2013! Find out how to celebrate with us here.  5-deals
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