Holiday Hair Accessories by Baby Wisp®

Holiday Hair Accessories by Baby Wisp®

Top off Christmas outfits with a bow

It's a Bowtiful time of the year!

Is it baby's first Christmas? The holidays got you giddy about dressing up your little girl? These ARE the photos you will look back on more than your every day play date pics as you gather with those aunts, uncles and cousins (in matching outfits I hope! LOL).  Get the buddies and cousins all twinsied up with our multipack deals!

You've already got her Holiday outfits planned but need the finishing touches?  You've come to the right place, whether it's a new baby girl or toddler girls and up - you can find the perfect red hair bow, white, gold, black or pretty much any other colour you need right here at Baby Wisp®.  

You thought your little baldie couldn't wear bows yet but until you've tried the mini latch clip by Baby Wisp® you don't know what you are missing. These clips just need a little peach fuzz to stay in so your little Christmas/ Hannukah Winter princess can have her holiday dress accessorized with the perfect hair bow after all!

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