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    knowledge Sharing — glitter bows

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    Holiday Hair Accessories by Baby Wisp®

    Holiday Hair Accessories by Baby Wisp®

    Top off Christmas outfits with a bow

    It's a Bowtiful time of the year!

    Is it baby's first Christmas? The holidays got you giddy about dressing up your little girl? These ARE the photos you will look back on more than your every day play date pics as you gather with those aunts, uncles and cousins (in matching outfits I hope! LOL).  Get the buddies and cousins all twinsied up with our multipack deals!

    You've already got her Holiday outfits planned but need the finishing touches?  You've come to the right place, whether it's a new baby girl or toddler girls and up - you can find the perfect red hair bow, white, gold, black or pretty much any other colour you need right here at Baby Wisp®.  

    You thought your little baldie couldn't wear bows yet but until you've tried the mini latch clip by Baby Wisp® you don't know what you are missing. These clips just need a little peach fuzz to stay in so your little Christmas/ Hannukah Winter princess can have her holiday dress accessorized with the perfect hair bow after all!

    Evening Hairstyle Ideas for Little Girls

    Points to Consider

    Before choosing an evening hairstyle for a little girl, it’s important to take into consideration the amount of hair she has, whether it is thin or thick and if she is old enough (or willing) to keep any accessories like glitter bows or glitter hair clips in for the duration of the evening. When it comes to little girls who are between the ages of 3 and 5 years, it is normally best to stick with styles that are as simple as possible. This will ensure that washing and styling their hair doesn’t take longer than a few minutes at the most.

    Short or Long Bobs

    These are one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain on little girls in the 3 to 5 year age bracket, and including a few pretty accessories like a heart-embellished headband or a few velvet and glitter-covered snap clips will help keep any stray fringe or other hair firmly and comfortably in place. Another option that can help add a glamorous touch to this evening hairstyle is small snap clips that have been decorated with sequined stars. Each of these options will help keep the hair in place without it being uncomfortable or tight in any way.

    Short Pixie Cut

    In most cases, parents of little girls aged 3 to 5 are looking for styles that are relatively simple, but still cute and elegant. Opting for the short pixie cut will ensure that there are no tears when the time comes to styling and/or placing any round glitter bows velvet and glitter ribbon snappy clips in the hair to keep the fringe out of the eyes.  Even though this design is generally short all around, a cute triple heart headband can be inserted to add just the right finishing touch.

    Side Sweep of Curls

    Although many little girls in this age bracket have absolutely beautiful curls, these can be somewhat challenging to style at any time – let alone for an evening event. However, simply brushing the hair, sweeping it all to one side of the head and securing it in place with a few pretty glitter hair accessories such as tuxedo glitter bow pinch clips. These will keep the hair to the side and another clip can be used to ensure that no hair falls into the eyes.

    When trying to choose an evening hairstyle idea for a little girl between 3 and 5 years of age, it is important to remember that she will already have a few preferences of her own, which should be taken into account as well. If she doesn’t enjoy dressing up too much, it will be best to stick with styles that are simpler and that will require the use of as few hair accessories as possible.

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