FRAUD by Customer SHIPPING TO SULLANA PERU - Chargeback from stolen Credit Card

If you receive an order from this address in SULLANA Peru - DO NOT SHIP.  This IS A SCAMMER/ FRAUD.  
Ramiro Priale Mz J Lote 11
Sullana 20103

Name of Chargeback Customer after goods shipped and received:

 I am posting this here so if you are a vendor googling a potential fraud from this address or name - YOU ARE CORRECT.  This person placed three orders on my website in November 2020 and actually bought a gift card for a friend too with various stolen credit cards.  Yes, the nerve and heartless nature to steal baby bows from a mom owned small business during Christmas time!  I contacted this person via email to in case it was a legitimate misunderstanding.  If you are searching for this customer to know whether you should ship or grant any credit or leniency - the answer is no.  This is an indecent person.

Feel free to contact us for more details.  We have been able to save other small businesses from these types of scams in the past by posting this information.  Hope this helps.




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