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Wow, it's September and many customers have made purchases letting us know they are beginning their Christmas shopping.  Some of us are still doing our "Back to School" shopping!  Ooops, sorry kids mama got busy in August ok!!  :)  Whichever camp you fall into, our current FREE tutu pettiskirt is a deal you can't pass up. This Slideshow showcases the looks you can achieve with our hair accessories and tutu pettiskirts from our models who were busily enjoying a tea party. [slideshow] Here's the deal:
  1. Spend $39 at (pre-tax, pre-shipping)
  2. Add the tutu you want free to your cart
  3.  Add the coupon FREETUTU at checkout and you've claimed the FREE TUTU PETTISKIRT!
  4. Pay $9.95  $3 to ship anywhere in Canada, Tracked and guaranteed.  ($6.95 value)
Coupon expires on September 25, 2012. Limit 1 per customer.  No Limit, for every $39 spent, you can claim a FREE tutu!! The deal is best used if you add 3 tutus to your cart because you only pay for two.    Oh and did I mention that they are currently 50% off?  That means by buying 3 - you are getting these pettiskirts at 66% off retail cost. To sweeten the deal even further, if you don't need the tutu - you have the option of donating it to a charitable organization once you've "earned" it!  We currently have a facebook giveaway on for suggestions of a non-profit organization that can benefit most from these tutus.  The suggestion with the most LIKES gets the donated Tutus!  So far we have SPCA, Sick Kids, and women's shelters in the running.  Do you have any other suggestions?  Please join the conversation. The suggestion with the most LIKES gets a $20 GC to
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