Orange Bows and Halloween Themed Accessories for Baby & Toddler Girls!

Orange Bows and Halloween Themed Accessories for Baby & Toddler Girls!

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Orange You Glad It's Fall?

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! 

We love Fall! Autumn sunsets, pumpkin patches, harvest moons, and falling leaves. Oh and of course...HALLOWEEN!

Celebrate the spirit of the season and dress up baby and toddler girl in cute shades of orange and Halloween themed accessories! Orange bows are also great to coordinate with her pumpkin patch outfit. 

Looking to dress up baby for her first Halloween? We've got you covered with many different bow styles in orange tones to go with her Halloween outfits and My First Halloween onesies. Go for the classic orange colored bow, or try more subtle tones like our Pumpkin Spice and Nutmeg. If you want something bolder, try the Neon Orange. 

Get your orange bows in time so you can wear it in October!

Here's a few of our fave orange picks: 

 orange boutique hair bows pigtail pair baby wisp baby girl

This pair of adorable Chelsea Boutique Bows in Pumpkin Spice is perfect for pigtails!

toddler girl wearing pigtail hair bows orange



nylon infant headwrap turban knot headband baby wisp

This Infant Headwrap Turban Knot Headband in Pumpkin Spice is so soft and stretchy.  A stylish accessory to help pull back hair. Looks great on babies without hair too!

toddler girl wearing nylon turban knot headwrap headband baby wisp



thali faux suede bow wisp clip baby toddler girl hair bow

This Thali Faux Suede Bow in Orange  is a great choice for babies and toddler girls with more hair. It uses our Medium Wisp Clip that holds onto more hair, stays in comfortably and doesn't fall off. A cozy, polished look and soft feel for Fall. 

thali faux suede hair bow toddler girl baby wisp



halloween hair bows orange black white baby girl wisp clip Baby Wisp

This set of 3 Mini Wisp Clip Faux Suede Bows - Halloween Night  has the perfect bow colors for Halloween and October. Cute Hand Tied bows on our Mini Wisp Clips that stays in wispy, fine hair. Sized perfectly for little heads. 

hair bows mini wisp clip baby wisp orange faux suede





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