Introducing Our New Large Ribbon Snap Clips!

Introducing Our New Large Ribbon Snap Clips!

Cute Large Ribbon Clips for Baby, Toddler and Older Girls

Large 5cm Snap Clip!

Choose from 17 modern shades!

The Large Ribbon Clips are a slightly bigger version of our popular Small Snap Clips and perfect for babies and toddlers who have more hair. Works great for older girls too! 

If you want an easy, effortless style without any bow, the Large Ribbon Clip is the perfect choice! These cute non patterned ribbon lined clips are simple, modern and adds a nice accent to any outfit. These bigger 5cm snap clips hold back even more hair. The perfect accessory for toddler girls to instantly add style and sweep that fringe away! 


Toddler girl with large ribbon snap clip


Ribbon covered large snap clips are about 50 mm long. These clips lay flat. Snap clips slide in and "snap" shut like a barrette style.  Choose from 17 modern hues. 



You can even get our Large Ribbon Clips in our cute 4-pack Spring Sets. Beautiful, soft pastel colors and lush modern shades to coordinate with baby and toddler girl's Spring outfits. 




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