Spring Collection Just Launched!

Spring Collection Just Launched!

Introducing our New Spring Collection...

Spring Looks + Bows for Baby & Toddler Girl 

Step into Spring with Fresh Bow Styles + New Shades!

We are loving bright, light, warm and muted tones for the season. 

Whether you are looking for pastel bows, Easter hair bows or just bows to refresh your baby and toddler girl's wardrobe, you'll find something to love in our New Spring Collection. 



Here are some of our new Spring Bows + Outfit Inspiration:


This Mixed Style Bows Gift Set includes our Thali Faux Suede Bow and Charlotte Tuxedo Bows in muted tones of Mauve, Icy Pink and Soft Pine. A light, airy and oh so pretty color palette that will coordinate easily with her Spring outfits whether it's jeans, tops or dresses. This set goes perfectly with these overalls from Zara. 
Ruffled Overalls from Zara



This cute gift set of Billie Jean Faux Suede Bows on Medium Wisp Clips in more subdued and neutral shades of Sand, Pink Clay and Hunter Green coordinates great with this jumpsuit from Zara. (Note: Our Medium Wisp Clips are larger to hold back more hair but have the same style combs that you love that stays put) 

Waffle Utility Jumpsuit in beige from Zara


These gorgeous boutique style Aiyanna bows on Large Snap Clips in pastel colors is perfect for Easter. Colors included: White, Blue Vapor, Rose Petal Pink and Dusky Mauve. These soft and sweet colors will pair well together with her Easter outfits like this dress from Old Navy. 

Short-Sleeve Rib Knit Dress from Old Navy



See more in our Spring Collection...


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