Dreamy Pinks for Mother's Day!

Dreamy Pinks for Mother's Day!

Blushy Pink Color Palette for Baby & Toddler Girl

How are you dressing your littles for Mother's Day? We know you want her to look her best for your special day! Will you be matching and coordinating with your baby girl? 

For this special occasion, we heart pinks! Especially these dreamy, super-soft blushy pink shades that go with everything. 

See some of our not so pinky pinks that are gorgeously warm, airy and delicate.  

Pink Clay

billie jean bow faux suede pink clay

Our Billie Jean Faux Suede Bow on Medium Wisp Clip in pink clay is a muted pink shade with hints of sandy brown. A very light and soft pink that adds a delicate touch to her outfits. This bow coordinates well with this cute jumpsuit from Roolee.


Caramel Rose

fanny bow caramel rose

Our Fanny Bow Headband in caramel rose is a more brown-tinged pink hue. A blushy darker pink that looks neutral and earthy and at the same time airy and graceful. It gives a beautiful accent to this textured dress from Zara.  

Rose Taupe

aiyanna bow rose taupe

Our Aiyanna Bows on Alligator Clips in rose taupe is a soft and muted pink shade with tones of grayish-brown. A warm, light blush pink tone that looks polished and refined. Easily pairs with casual and formal dresses like this one from Serene Bohemian.  


Dusty Rose

starlite headband dusty rose

Our Starlite Hand Tied Bow Headband in dusty rose is a gorgeous timeless pink shade that has hints of purple tones. A subtle but warm, rich pink that brightens any outfit. 

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