Newborn, Infant and Children Photographers and Baby Wisp

Newborn, Infant and Children Photographers and Baby Wisp

 Photographers Working With Us

I have taken thousands of pictures since I started the company in 2008 and had many photographers join with us for events or shoots or send us their gorgeous shots as well. Here's my old dog, Bone, who used to help entertain the kids during photoshoots at the shop. We would crop him out and just have the cutie modeling our accessories.

Baby in Topknot Headband during photoshoot playing with Dog

Newborn and Baby photographers love the accessories to keep at their studios for new clients and getting featured on our website also helps increase exposure locally and online with their business through backlinks in relevant websites (mom businesses - we help each other!).

You can see how the style of photography has changed and the clothing, colours and accessories also since we first started in 2008 in the pictures below.  A lot of the designs and styles are out of fashion from 7 years ago! To be a fashion accessory, at its very essence, is making sure you stay on trend and keep putting out new designs and colours.  It's haaaaaaaard to keep up the photos on my own to keep reflecting the brand as we stay fresh and lovable! 

no slip pinch clips baby wisp circa 2009 2009 Copyright FMphotostudios


2010 Copyright Chelsea Rice Photography

Just Imagine Photography  Artage Photography Baby in pink bow

From Left to Right:

2010 Copyright Rice Photography Edmonton

2010 Copyright Just Imagine Photography Edmonton

2014 Copyright Artage Photography Mississauga



What's Great About Photographer "Partners"

To keep getting professional photos that are current, it's been awesome when photographers have approached us about doing events like "Mini sessions" for Christmas, Valentine's Easter, First Day of school photosessions for kids.  This was especially prevalent when we had the little boutique in Toronto that they could come meet their target market at (as we shared the same customers!).  I had the space, storefront and street exposure for the events to offer so the mini-sessions were always booked up.  The photographer benefits in terms of local exposure and word of mouth plus booked sessions.  Then the photos are immortalized on our site and media with backlinks if requested.  

The parents get in a quick session, with the accessories they need and get to send their baby modeling pictures to whoever they want with full bragging rights that their beautiful baby was featured on a brand name website.  For Baby Wisp®, we get current pictures in current outfits with professional photography!  

But we don't have a little storefront Toronto boutique anymore to do the mini sessions.

We still have beautiful hair accessories for children, a well visited website, a known brand and social media channels and we're always excited to connect with other businesses/ we can still have all the other perks!

New Call to Photographers/ Parents with a Camera! 

If you are someone that is interested having your photos featured on our website in our accessories -  Please email us customerservice<@>!  We would love to hear from you.

If you know of baby or newborn or family photographers that might be interested in partnering with us, could you do me a big favour and connect us?  This helps us keep showing you our new designs, styles and colours with fresh photographic styles that make it fun to browse our site.  Get ideas on how to dress and coordinate and even ideas for photoshoots!   

Any other ideas, comments, feedback?  Let us know!



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