Sage Green Hairbows - New to our shop!

Sage Green Hairbows - New to our shop!

Sage Green Hair Bows to Compliment a Fashionable Wardrobe


Stop searching all over the internet for the perfect coloured bows to match stylish little girl's wardrobe!  You've arrived and we continue to bring you colours you need to complete baby or toddler girl's hair bow collection.  The sage green is now available in three bows.  Snap clips (cadeau and the tuxedo) and we also have this colour available in the very large Mariah Bow for older girls with more hair.

Thanks for all the help naming this green on instagram and facebook.

sage green hair bows

It really was the only logical choice.  The runner ups were Succulent, Rosemary Green and spring moss.  The funniest was "lovely asparagus"...say whut? LOL!!  When is asparagus lovely, well...maybe with some butter and garlic roasted in the oven til it's just a bit crispy yummm!  

What I love most about this green is that it can be worn with so many colours like tan, oatmeal, blush millenial pink, antique blue, grey, rust, vintage gold to name a few.  We have more new colours coming every week so check back and join the conversation to help us get the names right! Thank you everyone!

toddler girl in tub modeling cute hair bows


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