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  • Cute Gift Combinations for Toddlers

    Kids love gifts of all sorts, but they have an extra sort of love for gifts that work in combination with others. Such gifts allow them to utilize the item in more than one way. They also let the toddler...

  • 5 Top Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

    #1 – The Practical: Baby Shower Gift Sets

    While gift sets probably aren’t the most unique baby shower gifts out there, they can be if you take the time to personalize them. For instance, if you want to buy a set of bows and hairclips, then you can ask for certain colors or materials that are sure to please the mom-to-be. Sometimes, you can even ask for custom-made items. You can use this technique for anything, too. Why not purchase a basket, decorate it with satin ribbon, and fill it with things that mom can use, like lotions, soaps, and wipes?

    #2 – Clothing

    Most moms to be think they are going way overboard when it comes to clothing for their newborns, but later discover that they wish they would have bought a few more onesies and socks. Cute clothing may not seem like one of the most creative baby shower gifts, but it could be if you create entire outfits. For instance, you could buy a few hair bows and even a pair of ballet slippers that match the cute onesie you found. A few outfits like these and your gift will be a hit!

    #3 – A Keepsake Box

    New moms save everything. Hospital bracelets, baby’s first pacifier, and even the outfit she wore home from the hospital are all important keepsakes. You can really get creative with a keepsake box that provides places for all of baby’s “firsts”. To present it, tie satin ribbon around it and add a few baby hair clips around the edges. This way, the wrapping becomes a practical gift – and those bows might just be keepsakes of their own!

    #4 – Teething Rings and Toys

    Although the new baby won’t need them for a couple of months, most new mothers will attest that a lack of teething toys is never pleasant. There are a variety of teething rings and toys out there from which to choose; some are whimsical and unique, and others, while simple, offer unsurpassed safety and functionality. You can find these in nearly any major department store, but you will find a bigger selection online.

    #5 – Diapers (Disposable or Cloth)

    Diapers make great baby shower gifts as long as they accompany your more traditional gift. Although a new mom knows that diapers are necessities (and in some cases, quite expensive), she is really hoping for unique gifts. Before you buy a package of Pampers, though, find out what kind of diapers she has in mind. Cloth diapers and diaper covers are making a huge comeback.

    As you can see, baby shower gifts can range from unique outfits ready to wear to things like hair bows and keepsake boxes. Whatever you decide, make sure that you mix fun with functionality. It takes a village to raise a well-rounded child, and your gifts will go a long way toward meeting that goal.