How to Style Your Baby's Hair with a Headband

As a mother, grandmother, or even older sister, you probably see a headband as an accessory for when you really do not feel like fooling with your hair. When it comes to baby headbands, though, they are perfect for adding some style and pizzazz at all ages.

headband1Choosing a Headband

Baby headbands can be subtle or quite dramatic depending on your preferences. You can find everyday headbands designed to go with any outfit of your choice; these come in a variety of materials like lace, linen, and even shiny satin. You can also find decorative headbands with bows, flowers, and more. These are perfect not only for playing up a favorite dress or outfit, but also for picture day when you want baby’s face to be the star of the show.

Just the Headband

In some cases, babies are born without any hair at all. In others, they have hair at birth, but it slowly thins throughout the first six months of their lives before thicker, darker hair fills in. During these months, hairstyles seem few and far between. There is no better time to stock up on your supply of baby headbands, though. Whether you want a cute lacy headband or an elaborate floral display, you can find it all – and your baby does not need any hair at all to pull it off.

Headbands and Pigtails

Another outstanding style option involves creating tiny pigtails on baby’s head, then resting the headband of your choice against them. You can keep things as simple or as creative as you would like with this style. For instance, you might opt for pigtails on the sides of baby’s head with an inch-wide linen baby headband in front. This offers a casual but cute look that you will adore. Another choice involves pulling the two pigtails up more toward the top of the head, using a more elaborate headband with stripes or designs, and pinning matching bows to each of the two pigtails. This creates a polished, professional look.

Bangs in Front


If your baby has longer hair, baby girl headbands are even more versatile. Whereas many people simply use a headband to pull the hair away from the face, why not play up a baby girl’s cute, wispy bangs? If your baby has light hair, consider a darker headband. Conversely, if she has dark hair, try a lighter baby headband. This contrast plays up the style even more. Brush her bangs off to one side and, if they are long enough, tuck the ends back under the band. If your baby’s bangs are still quite short, just brush them down onto her forehead and create a subtle part on one side.

Baby headbands are incredibly versatile, and you can find many to suit your needs. They are the perfect accessory for picture day, outings with the family, Christmas and other holidays. In fact, a baby headband could easily become a part of your daily routine.

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