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      5 Long Hair Baby Girls’ Hairstyles for Christmas 2015

      NIC_4144If you want your baby girl to look like an angel this Christmas, then you probably have some reservations about her hair. Should you put it up, braid it, or maybe just curl it and leave it down? Here are five amazing hairstyle ideas that utilize beautiful hair accessories for baby girls.

      The Simple French Braid

      A simple French braid is easy enough to achieve, and it will also help make sure that your little girl’s hair stays in place throughout the festivities. Of course, since it’s Christmas, you might want to go that extra mile and give her a hairstyle that is picture-perfect. One way involves utilizing a holiday flower like a poinsettia or even a bit of holly at the end of the braid. You could even use cute clips throughout the braid to insert smaller flowers, candy canes, or other cute designs.

      Pretty Snowball Ponytails

      Hair bows for toddlers these days are not all flowers and bows. In fact, you can find some resembling beautiful fluffy snowballs to complement your little one’s gorgeous dress. Consider putting her hair up into a high ponytail or two high pigtails, then finishing the look with the white snowballs to add a little extra flair. You can curl her hair beforehand for some extra volume, if you prefer.

      Simple and Precious Down ‘Do

      If your little one wants to wear her hair down for the holidays, then there is no reason why she shouldn’t. You can still add a bit of feminine flair with toddler girls’ headbands adorned with festive bows and flowers, or even clip in some matching mini bows on the sides to hold her hair back out of her face. Multi-pack bows come in plenty of Christmas colors like red, green, white, and even black, so you can pick and choose what best matches her outfit.

      Aqua and Navy Hair Accessories

      A Decorative Bun

      Another fun look that will keep her hair in place throughout the event is a stunning half-bun. To do it, create a ponytail and pull half of the hair through at the end while leaving the ends loose above the bun. Then, curl the very ends of her hair that are left out of the bun and apply some cute floral mini-clips here and there to hold the hair in place. Not only is it decorative, but it is also sophisticated enough for even a formal Christmas party.

      A French Braid Headband

      Finally, you can French braid your little one’s hair from one ear to the other just above her forehead to create a crown effect. This works well for toddlers and baby girls with longer hair, and there are several ways to dress it up. You can insert tiny hair accessories for baby girls here and there, such as green and red mini-clips, or you can even use a headband directly behind the braid for an even more dazzling style.

      As you can see, there are many different ways that you can use hair bows for toddlers and other accessories to create beautiful Christmas styles for babies of all ages. Whether her hair is curly, wavy, or straight as a board, these styles in conjunction with pretty bows and clips make any Christmas event or photo a success.

      Sparkly Hair Accessory – Best Holiday Gift for a Baby Girl


      Every baby girl needs precious clothing and hair accessories to look her best for outings, holidays, and any time of the year. When it comes to buying holiday gifts for baby girls, consider giving her some sparkly baby headbands and baby bows to accentuate her style.

      Multi-Pack Bow Clips

      One of the best ways to buy sparkly hair accessories for baby girls is to purchase multi-pack clips in matching or complementary colors. These make the perfect versatile addition to any wardrobe, and they can be worn with gorgeous formal dresses or even a pair of tiny baby jeans. The best part is that these clips actually grow with the little one, so she can get years and years of use out of them. Sequined bows, glittered clips, and even some with metallic accents can add a bit of flair.

      Sparkly Baby Headbands

      Baby headbands are important in the first few months of a newborn’s life. Even before baby has enough hair for a clip, a baby headband makes it possible to add some feminine style that matches her tiny outfit. You can find sparkly headbands covered in glitter or sequins, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles that match perfectly with any top or dress. What’s more, some of these headbands are quite elastic, so they will also grow with her as she gets older and starts choosing her own unique style.

      Wrapping and Packaging

      Sparkly hair clips make fantastic stocking stuffers, but you can also use them to accentuate other packages. For instance, if you buy a beautiful dress for your daughter and wrap it perfectly, you can use the tiny bow clips as part of the wrapping. You might also choose to simply include matching bows with each outfit, giving each one its own unique package of accessories. Finally, another idea involves including baby hair clips alongside beautiful booties, baby jewelry, or even keepsakes.

      The Best Part about Baby Clips

      One of the reasons why people tend to shy away from giving clips as a gift has to do with the fact that most babies do not have much hair. It might seem pointless to give clips to a baby if using them seems futile. Some of the clips available today are designed with that principle in mind. They have special clasps that can grab on to only a few wispy hairs, without any pain, pulling, or tugging, to add some sparkle and flair. You can pair many of them with baby headbands, and you can find so many styles, there is one for every day of the year.

      Hair accessories make outstanding holiday gifts for baby girls, and they come in so many styles and varieties, it is hard to choose just one. The good news is that with variety packs and a multitude of designs, you don’t have to! Pick a few of your favorites, include them with a pretty outfit or even as a stocking stuffer, and give a gift that any baby girl is sure to love for many years to come.

      7 Super Cute Baby Girls’ Hairstyles for Weddings


      If your little one will be a flower girl in a friend’s or relative’s wedding, then getting her hair just right is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there are several ways to make sure that your little one’s hair is just as perfect as the bride’s. Here are seven cute baby girls’ hairstyles for weddings and a few ideas for flower girl hair accessories.

      A Down-Do with a Huge Bow

      It seems as if people think they need to wear their hair up for weddings, but the truth is that this is not always the case. More and more often, you see brides and members of the wedding party with long, flowing hair. When it comes to flower girls’ hair accessories, a thick headband with a large bow on the side is one of the most popular choices. You can find them with lace, flowers, pearls and more to suit your needs.

      A Simple Bun

      Nothing says elegance like a simple bun, and it is actually quite easy to create. Secure your little one’s hair in a ponytail where you would like the bun, and then wind her ponytail in a spiral. Secure it with bobby pins and add some flower girl hair accessories like barrettes or bows to complete the look.

      A Hair Crown

      Hair crowns are also popular accessories; these are essentially flower headbands for toddlers that are made with real or faux flowers. They bring an air of innocence to the wedding, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors. In fact, you can even purchase a plain headband and wrap flowers from the wedding around it if you truly want to make a statement.

      A Side Barrette

      If your toddler’s hair is still a bit wispy and you aren’t sure how to dress it up, there is nothing like a decorative barrette on the side to get the job done. You can find them in a number of sizes, colors, and shapes, and they even have special designs that allow them to stay securely in place in the finest of hair.

      Twists and Braids

      Twist and braids can be a little difficult for toddlers because they have to sit still so long. However, you can shorten the process a little by creating half-braids from the top of her head (forehead) back and then securing with flower girl hair accessories like flower barrettes or a pearl clip. It is a sophisticated, yet cute look that can certainly bring some flair to her dress.


      Baby’s Breath

      Baby’s breath is commonly used in floral arrangements as an accent, and you can find tiny flower girl hair accessories that resemble the flower, too. One of the best ways to incorporate it into a wedding look involves creating an up-do with loose curls at the top and randomly placing the tiny clips here and there. It looks delicate and elegant at the same time.

      A Simple Ribbon Headband

      Finally, if you really want to show off your little girl’s natural hair but still want to dress things up for the wedding, consider using a thick satin headband with a classic bow. It suits almost any flower girl dress out there, and it comes in enough colors to complement any scheme.

      Flower girls’ hair accessories are limitless, and they provide you with an amazing opportunity to let your creative skills take over. You can utilize any of these ideas – or create some of your own – to help make the wedding a smashing success.

      Baby Wisp Grand Opening in Toronto - Invitation

      Grand Opening News You have been Waiting For!!

      Well, we've done it.  From our humble start at a small 10X10 space at the Edmonton Farmer's Market in May 2008 to a nationally carried brand with over 400 retailers & a very successful online business.... we've outgrown our home business.  We have moved to the next step and planted roots firmly into a commercial building in Toronto.  

      Here's a visual for Baby Wisp's growth path:

      Life of Baby Wisp


      Main Drivers for this Expansion

      Bullet 1A large national chain retailer has chosen us as their Canadian designer of hair accessories. This, coupled with our expansion to over 400 boutiques, gift shops and stores Canada-wide shows how Baby Wisp is finding incredible retail success and we need more space to be able to service these large acocounts!!

      Bullet 2
      We are expanding our online business in leaps and bounds which requires order processing space and office space for our designing, marketing, books, web work, and customer servicing.


      Bullet 3We have now hired 2 amazing full-time employees to help tackle all the work coming along with the good news. We also have an amazing summer student on board for the second summer in a row. 4 Baby Wisperers together in a small space was all up in my grill ... just sayin'... it was time to move Baby Wisp to it's own space because it was taking over my family's space.  How about some work-life balance Baby Wisp?!




      Baby Wisp Retail Store/ Showroom/ Order Pick up location


      Our new Baby Wisp Building will be where customers can come to us directly to check out our products and purchase them. Have you had hard to find colours in an outfit you want the perfect matching accessory? Now, you can bring the outfit into our store and colour match it right there with our in stock products. GTA-Customers can also pick up online orders instead of paying for shipping! We now have a warehouse space for our goodies, an order processing area, separate offices and a full showroom. It is a dream come true and all so exciting for our team.

      YOU are invited to our grand opening celebrations.


      Grand Opening News


      When?  July 19, 2013

      Time: 12-4

      Location: 3345 Lakeshore Boulevard West, Toronto Ontario M8W 1N1

      Be the first...


      Baby Wisp Style now available in a retail store

      There will be refreshments, giveaways and outrageous deals to be had. So, we will definitely make it worth your while!

      • You’ll want to be one of the first 20 people in the door so you can get a 50% off  coupon for ANY 1 item you want in the store PLUS a FREE GIFT!!
      • Customers #21-40 will receive a 25% Off coupon for any 1 item in the store.
      • We will be having a "grand opening specials " section where you will be able to scoop up deals


      Even more incentives will be sent to our newsletter subscribers and our VIP list of Baby Wisp addicts - have you signed up for our newsletter?



      Happy Holidays from Baby Wisp

      Merry Christmas! It’s been a crazy year! Our list of retailers has doubled since last year and so has our product offerings.  With all this growth, we’ve also added some new members to the team here to help.  Amrita and Sheila have been focused on our customer, inventory, and administration while Beena continues to focus on new designs, business growth and marketing.New OPI Skyfall Collection Manicures needed latest OPI colours.The great thing about being a mostly female staff is that we had no trouble agreeing on what to do for our holiday party!  We went out for a great meal and finished off the day at the salon! We fell for the new OPI skyfall collection and snatched up these beautiful colours to bring home.  Here's a link to where you can look at all the gorgeous colours available at once, I was able to get these bottles for only $9 each at the salon - what a great price too!   Baby Wisp Upcoming Boxing Day Sale – You will not want to miss it! Boxing Day only comes once a year and really, one of the greatest benefits of being a Canadian consumer is that you can enjoy deals during this day that can get pretty crazy and offer ultimate savings for you.  The boxing day deal from Baby Wisp, is crazier than your typical crazy deal.   You will wonder whether we’ve made some sort of mistake.  Sign Up here – you will be notified of the deal BEFORE regular site visitors and since quantities are limited, you will be first in line to scoop up the deals.  Be sure, we will likely sell out. Special Holiday Greeting from Beena JOY-TOUNGUEOUT-BW-sm   Wishing you only the best of what the holidays can bring you: warmth, joy, friends & family.