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    Beautiful Models at Baby Wisp

    Baby Headband Model

    Baby Wisp Model

    I often get asked where do I find such gorgeous children to model our products.

    The truth is, they are mostly people I meet through baby wisp. But there are times where I just see such a striking child, I will approach the mother (a perfect stranger, really) and ask if they would be interested.

    One time I did this while I was at the park with my son and of course the mother was flattered,… but at the same time she was unsure of whether I was some sort of weirdo. HA HA HA Let’s be honest! We’re all skeptical and protective when it comes to our kids. So, I fully understand that!

    Fast forward a few weeks when she had time to check out our site and saw I was legit! Then I ran into her at the park again we started chatting and booked her DD’s shoot! The pictures really turned out and fast forward another year, that little beauty and her mama are a regular fixture for playdates, coffees, family dinners and girl’s night outs around our house! Does this sound unbelievable that we would just “click”like this with this unlikely start to a beautiful friendship? Doesn’t everyone make friends with their own unique little beginnings?

    As I prepare to launch the new Glamoura headbands, I’m keeping a lookout for cuties so please, don’t get creeped out if I find your little beauty and ask for your help!

    More items went to 50% off.

    More items went to 50% off. Limited quantities and at these prices packaging may or may not be included

    Get Large Hats for $5!

    The Large size 100% cotton hats which are available in white and black are now half off as we are discontinuing this size. We've decided to focus more on products geared towards baby and toddler hence the larger size items are on their way out. Look for the large size pettiskirts to go on sale shortly too. These fit Age 3-6 Years.

    Testing of new products by our Fans!


    We needed 5 testers to check out our new mini latch clips.  WHY?  Well, these are different than our regular mini latch clips because we had to make not only design changes in the clip itself but it’s composition also had to be changed to accommodate the embellishment.  Now we just need the final decision makers to tell us if our changes are good to go – hence 5 fans get their own set of clips free to test out for us.

    Where is the first place we go to look for testers?  Yes! Facebook Fans!  We had about 80 entries who finished the sentence;

    “If I could go back in time and give myself one piece of advice before I had kid(s) it would be ___<this>__________”.

    Here are a few of my favourite responses:

    “To enjoy and not take all of my free (me!) time for granted…travel, have lots of date nights with my hubby and do all the things that are a million times harder with kids…oh and move closer to my parents, it’s so much more work with kids!” -KL

    “have kids first and then get the dog.”-SC

    “That it is completely normal to love your kids more than life itself one moment, and then be willing to sell them to highest bidder the next. Vent to your girlfriends – turns out you’re not alone, who knew!?!?” -JB

    “Do something spontaneous one last time because children always mean extra time for planning and you will find it impossible to make last minute decisions again – even for simple things like going out for dinner.”-AG

    Reading all the comments again re-iterate the relationship I am able to enjoy with our Facebook fans/ baby wisp customers as so many pieces of advice resonated with me.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  The new latch clips will be on their way to you on Monday.

    Benefits of buying Canadian baby hair accessories if you live in the U.S.

    Benefits of buying Canadian baby hair accessories if you live in the U.S.

    The surge in American sales this week is fantastic.  It’s great for us and it’s great for the consumer of our baby hair accessories also.   These American mamas are smart cookies.

    1) The Canadian dollar is currently trading lower than the american dollar – around 95 cents which means you are automatically saving 5%.  We still collect full Canadian funds so it’s not like we are losing on the sale.

    2) We do not collect the local taxes so there are savings on the tax you would spend if buying within the U.S.

    3)  Shipping has proven to be just as fast and just as cheap leveraging the USPS and Canada Post cooperation.

    4) Our styles perfectly compliment the same fashions that are found in American stores and our products are not yet available in American retail outlets so it’s a great way to get access to such a unique product that you will get tonnes of use out of

    mini posh baby hair barrette

    Unique baby accessories that compliment north american baby apparel

    The question is, is baby wisp just being found more through google searches or is there Facebook or other social media buzz driving traffic?